These photos are stunning! You have a gift and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing it with us.
— Diane, Los Angeles
GAHHHHH THEY’RE LIKE MY FAVORITE THINGS EVER…I felt more relaxed in front of the camera with you than I EVER have…
— Emily, New York
Oh my goodness, Holly!! I’m blown away by you!! I mean seriously! You captured everything perfectly! I LOVE the candids so much!…Thank you, thank you!!
— Malena, St. Louis
Holly!!  I’m blown away by how gorgeous and professional these photos are!!!  You have a real gift!!
— Heather, Los Angeles
Holly Barber makes me feel like a million dollars! She is an awesome photographer. She took amazing photos at my senior recital which made me look like an Opera Star! Holly captured every moment of my recital and my guests. Her smile was infectious and everyone complimented how wonderful and professional she was. I love Holly’s work and I can’t wait to hire her again!!
— Maria, St. Louis
Pictures as per usual dope af.
— Chris, Los Angeles
Oh my goodness Holly, these pictures are absolutely wonderful!!! I love the effect of the star, the black and white, oh my I love it all!!! Thank you so much!
— Michelle, Los Angeles
— Rachel, St. Louis